Hewlett-Packard Contributes 400 Scanners to Colorado State University

A contribution of 400 scanners from Hewlett- Packard Co. will make electronic life easier for students and faculty at Colorado State University.

The HP ScanJet 4s scanners, worth $95,600, were contributed to the university to strengthen education, outreach and research endeavors.

"You can use them with e-mail, and you can take any material that’s in print and scan it, including photos," said Greg Hoeck, computer technician at Colorado State. "You can scan documents, for example, instead of typing the entire text by hand. They’re versatile devices." Overall, HP has given gifts of equipment and cash dedicated to scholarships, student aid and diversity programs to Colorado State totaling more than $12 million.

Engineering, computer science and business are the primary areas in the university with strong relationships with HP. The company also devotes thousands of hours of cooperative efforts with the university, and HP employees serve as mentors to undergraduate students through summer, part-time and intern positions. Employees also address classes, serve as judges for professional competitions and volunteer on university advisory boards.