Colorado State University Establishes Hotline to Identify Students Involved in Incidents Near Campus

Colorado State University administrators have established a hotline to gather information on students who participated in two disturbances that took place north of campus over the past two weeks.

Administrators said the hotline will accept tips from callers with knowledge about Colorado State students involved in either of the two incidents. The 24-hour hotline number is (970) 491- 4646. The Fort Collins Police and the university’s Office of Judicial Affairs will follow up on leads and institute appropriate disciplinary action against any students identified as participants.

"We want to emphasize the message that this kind of behavior cannot and will not be tolerated," said Keith Miser, vice president of student affairs at Colorado State. "The university will work with the Fort Collins Police and the community to respond with appropriate disciplinary action against students who participated in either of these incidents. We also strongly encourage students who were involved in either of the disturbances to take responsibility for their actions and identify themselves."

On Friday night, several hundred people refused to disperse following parties north of campus and police intervened to disperse the crowds. A similar incident occurred the previous Saturday evening in the same area bordering campus. In both instances, violence–including rocks and bottles being thrown and fires lighted in streets–took place. Arrests followed on both occasions.

Students identified as participants in either incident will undergo the university’s own disciplinary process. Miser added that this disciplinary process has already begun for students involved in the first incident. Strict privacy laws prevent the university from disclosing the names of students disciplined in connection with either incident.

The university’s judicial process, separate from the city process, could lead to sanctions ranging from suspension and probation to expulsion from the university. Miser also said that photographs as well as videotape of Friday night’s incident taken by police and bystanders are being used to identify students who were involved.

An additional number for callers to leave anonymous and confidential information is being provided by the Fort Collins Community Crime Stoppers Hotline at (970) 221-6868.