College of Business Rockwell Hall Expansion Fact Sheet

Features of Phase I include: (Completed fall 1995)

  • Existing 36,000 square-foot Rockwell Hall completely renovated and modernized for college administrative, faculty and student functions.

Features of Phase II include: (Completed fall 1997)

  • Two-story, U-shaped, 25,198 square-foot addition linked to the existing south wings of Rockwell Hall.
  • 8,000 square-foot courtyard that serves as a centerpiece for Rockwell Hall and provides space for college and university functions.
  • Four new multimedia classrooms that seat 40 students and two multimedia classrooms that seat 90 students. These rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, providing students with immediate access to electronic information including the Internet, and audio, video and graphics through CD-ROM. Thousands of images and pieces of information are at students’ fingertips via expanded computer networks. These multimedia classrooms will facilitate undergraduate and graduate-level education, exposing students to real-world business concepts in a high- tech environment.
  • The Hewlett-Packard Student Computer Laboratory, accessible by students from 7 a.m.-midnight daily, and equipped with 62 computer stations. The lab will dramatically increase students’ access to the most current computer hardware and software equipment and offer individual and group areas for students to work with computers. The lab is expected to accommodate more than 50,000 student visits each semester.
  • An additional 49-seat computer classroom, seminar room and two presentation/video rooms as well as space for student team projects and meetings.
  • A new home for the Computer Information Systems department, including new offices for faculty and graduate students.
  • The new wing also opens up additional space in the existing portion of Rockwell Hall. One area will be devoted to the Advanced Business Application Lab, located in the existing northeast portion of the building. This lab is scheduled to open in the spring of 1998. During the day, this lab will serve on-campus and groups for multimedia presentations and other programs. At night, it will be the high-technology home of the Northern Colorado Executive MBA program, serving local business via cable TV, as well as national and international tape-delivered programming.

Other lab features will include:

  • Technology terminals at each station, donated by Hewlett-Packard;
  • Multimedia equipped, including full motion VCR, sound and animation;
  • Digital cameras, microphones and a camera operator station; and
  • Decision-support software.

ESTIMATED TOTAL PROJECT COST (Phase I and II): $7.7 million