Colorado State Sets New Fundraising Record of $19.5 Million

Note to Editors: Several large gifts to the university will be announced during a public announcement at 10 a.m. Nov. 7 in Room 224-226 of the Lory Student Center on campus. Interviews with donors will be available after the announcement.

For the second year in a row, Colorado State University has set a fundraising record, bringing in $19.5 million in total gifts and pledges for the 1996-97 fiscal year.

"We’re seeing an upward trend, and we owe that to hard work as well as the loyalty and dedication of our friends, alumni and donors," said Susan Coulter, vice president for university advancement. "It’s very exciting to see this upward trend and to set new records, because the institution as a whole benefits."

The $19.5 million raised in gifts and pledges for the 1996- 97 fiscal year exceeded the goal for fundraising, which had been set at $16.5 million. Private gifts and pledges were received from 21,130 donors this fiscal year. The record-breaking year follows up on last year’s (1995-96) mark of $15.5 million, which also was an all-time high.

Colorado State tomorrow (Nov. 7) will announce several major gifts to the university, including three gifts that rank among the largest ever to specific programs. These gifts, along with other recent donations, put this year’s fundraising efforts ahead of schedule.

"Continuing this level of success will mean working even harder, but we’re committed to our goals and to moving in this direction," Coulter said. "It’s critical that the university is able to communicate with friends and alumni to share the message about the important work that we as a university are doing. And once we’ve effectively shared the message, the support naturally follows."

Coulter attributes much of the success to ongoing and completed fundraising campaigns tied to major campus initiatives. For example, last fiscal year (1996-97), the university successfully completed the campaign to renovate and expand the Morgan Library, reaching a private fundraising goal of $7.2 million. The university also is progressing in other campaigns, including the $4.4 million plan to renovate Rockwell Hall–to date, $3.9 million has been raised. In addition, the university is nearing completion on a $1.5 million campaign for Construction Management, having already raised more than $1.2 million.

"As a unit, university advancement is dedicated to helping the overall university meet its goals," Coulter said. "Our recent success in meeting and exceeding our fundraising goals is an important part of helping the entire university achieve the success it seeks. While the hard work must continue, it is gratifying to see this level of continued success."

The university has also announced record investment returns. The assets invested by the Colorado State University Foundation earned 24 percent in fiscal year 1996-97. Total invested assets as of June 30, 1997, were more than $70 million.

"Our return on investment at 24 percent far outpaced average returns among other college and university funds, and that’s nice to see," said Kathleen Byington, president and chief executive officer of the Colorado State University Foundation. "These funds are used to support the university, its program and students. We’re pleased with these results and with the benefits the results bring to the university."