Colorado State University to Set Up Joint Program with Korean University

Colorado State University President Albert Yates and the president of Seoul National University have agreed to a program for reciprocal study and research.

Yates recently visited Korea to meet with Jungho Sonu, president of Seoul National University, and to discuss interactions between the two schools. Yates and Sonu signed a formal agreement to develop programs which would include collaborative research projects and student and faculty exchange programs. The meeting initiated talks which will determine the specific structure of the programs.

"Students and faculty from both universities will benefit from this program," said Jud Harper, vice president for research and information technology at Colorado State. "This is an opportunity to share research, to study with a broader international perspective and to gain a richer understanding of another culture. The program will help prepare students for futures in the global workplace."

Discussions about the interactions began last spring when Sonu, a Colorado State alumnus, visited Colorado State and received an honorary doctorate.

Sonu earned a doctorate in civil engineering from Colorado State in 1973. He went on to teach at Seoul National University, and became president of the university in 1996.