Colorado State University Offers Master of Social Work Program to Western Slope Residents

The department of social work at Colorado State University will be offering a master of social work degree program for Western Slope residents beginning this summer.

Colorado State now is accepting applications for a new four-year part-time program which will allow students to earn master of social work degrees while still living and working on the Western Slope. An information meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Feb. 3 in the College Center Fletcher Room at Mesa State College in Grand Junction. Applications will be available at the meeting and Colorado State professors will answer questions about the program and the admissions process. Applications are due by Feb. 15.

"There is a tremendous need for a program like this," said Ben Granger, head of the department of social work at Colorado State. "There are many people in the social work area who are essential to Western Slope communities. This program will allow them to move forward in their field without leaving their communities, which has never been an option before."

The master of social work program will be hosted at Mesa State College in Grand Junction, and is the same program of study offered to students on the Colorado State campus in Fort Collins. Program participants will be charged Colorado State’s regular in-state tuition and fees. Students will complete the majority of the program in Grand Junction while attending evening and weekend classes with on-site faculty and interactive video. Local social service agencies and employers on the Western Slope also will cooperate with Colorado State to provide training opportunities for students enrolled in the program. No more than two weeks during summer semesters will be spent on the Colorado State campus.

The program has been approved as an off-campus, state-funded program, but to begin in July as scheduled, the program depends on acceptance of at least 30 qualified applicants.

Initially, only one group of students will be admitted to the program. Admission of other students in subsequent years will depend on sufficient demand.

Colorado State’s undergraduate and graduate social work programs were recently reaccredited by the Council on Social Work Education through the year 2005. This reaccreditation will apply to graduates of the Western Slope program.

For more information, contact Heather Exby of the Western Colorado Graduate Center at 1-800-891-3795 or Dawn Carlson in the department of social work at (970) 491-2536.