Colorado State University Invites High-School and College Students to Explore Engineering Careers

Colorado State University invites high-school and university students to learn about a wide spectrum of engineering careers Sept. 26 at Engineering Exploration Day.

The day will feature 24 speakers from engineering companies around the country as well as a panel discussion with recent Colorado State engineering graduates. The event will be held from 8:30 a.m.-2:45 p.m. at the University Park Holiday Inn, 425 W. Prospect Road in Fort Collins.

Activities will kick off with a keynote speech from Tony Spear, project manager for the Mars Pathfinder Rover. Spear will present a video on the Mars Pathfinder Rover and will discuss opportunities open to engineering graduates. Spear’s experience with NASA also has included serving as project manager for the Magellan Venus Mission and working in engineering and development roles for Mariner Missions to Venus, Mars and Mercury.

Engineering Exploration Day is an opportunity for high-school and college students to learn more about the diverse fields of engineering and is designed to help students plan a college path that matches their interests. Topics will include chemical engineering and the environment, infrastructure development, water and wastewater, aerospace engineering, telecommunications, semiconductors and optoelectronics, biomedical engineering, high tech product development and food and pharmaceutical production.

Companies making presentations at the event include Genetech, Idris, Lockheed Martin, Qualcomm, StorageTech, Denver Orthopedic Sports, Cobe Cardiovascular Labs, Ohio Chemical Management and many others.

Registration is open to Colorado State students, high-school students and their parents. Registration is limited and participants must pre-register by Sept. 18. The registration fee is $5 per student and includes lunch.

For more information or to register, send e-mail to or call the deans office in the College of Engineering at (970) 491-6604.