Bronze Ram to Grace School Grounds at Colorado State

In 1999, as the McGraw Athletic Center nears completion, a Big Horn ram cast in bronze will become a new addition to campus as well.

"Ram Proud", an 11-foot tall bronze Ram, will be installed north of Moby Arena on the lawn in front of the Durrell Center. "By placing the sculpture near the residence halls, we’re hoping to instill greater pride and loyalty among students, particularly freshmen as they first arrive on campus," says alumnus Tom Weimer, who came up with the idea for the sculpture and whose wife, Dawn, is the sculptor who is creating "Ram Proud".

Dawn created the ram standing on a rock outcropping by working from photographs of rams that she took in Estes Park in conjunction with officers from the Division of Wildlife. She is pleased with the way the ram turned out in the limited-edition maquettes she created to help fund the larger piece. Proceeds from the maquettes are being used to cover the cost of the larger bronze, so that no Colorado State or taxpayer funds will be used to purchase the sculpture.

The life-size sculpture is now in progress in Dawn’s Fort Collins studio. When installed, the sculpture will face Longs Peak. Installation is scheduled for August 1999. To view a small photo of a maquette click here. To view a large photo of a maquette click here.

For more information about "Ram Proud", contact Donna Lock, (970) 223-1309; e-mail:, or Western Dawn Studio, (970) 282-8450.