Intercontinental Conference Examines Air Quality Problems and Solutions in Latin America and Around the World

The National Center for Vehicle Emissions Control and Safety at Colorado State University will present the third annual Intercontinental Mobile Sources/Clean Air Conference Nov. 1-3 at the Camino Real Hotel in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The conference will bring together air-quality experts, government analysts, industry representatives and environmentalists from around the globe. This year’s event will be held in Guadalajara in response to requests from industry, government and environmental organizations that believe there is an urgency to the air pollution problem in Latin America.

The conference is designed to build a global partnership among groups with a common commitment to finding solutions to air pollution problems. Participants will discuss a wide range of crucial and timely issues, including fuels and alternative energy, transportation issues, the affect of vehicle emissions on health and welfare, vehicle inspection and maintenance programs and Latin America’s progress in cleaning the air.

"The annual conference is an opportunity for international experts to share their expertise," said Birgit Wolff, director of the National Center for Vehicle Emissions Control and Safety. "Participants will discuss the most current information on air quality issues. The event can ultimately help participants plan future clean-air programs."

This year’s event will include panel presentations, case studies, demonstrations and debates. A conference schedule follows.

Nov. 1

4-6 p.m., registration. * 6-10 p.m., opening reception, "Welcome to Guadalajara," Camino Real Guadalajara Hotel Courtyard.

Nov. 2: Research and Progress in Vehicle Emissions Initiatives

* 9:30-12:45 p.m., opening remarks and welcome by Birgit Wolff, director of the National Center for Vehicle Emissions Control and Safety, Colorado State University. Inauguration of Intercontinental Clean Air Conference moderated by Morgan Smith, director of the Colorado International Trade Office. Remarks by Alberto Cardenas Jimenez, Governor of Jalisco, Mexico; Gary Filmon, Premier, Manitoba, Canada; and Oliver P. Garza, Consul General of the United States. – "Mexico City: The Challenge and Success of Reducing Vehicle Emissions," Adrian Fernandez, general director of Environmental Management, National Institute of Ecology, Mexico City; and Alejandro Encinas, secretary of the environment, Mexico City. – "Guadalajara: Initiatives for Cleaner Air," Ramon Gonzales, director of the State of Jalisco Commission on Ecology; and Enrique Lastiri Granados, operations coordinator for the city of Guadalajara’s "Controlled Tune-Up Program."

* 2 p.m.-5 p.m. – "Seeking Public Support for Clean Air Programs," Carlos Rincon, Environment Defense Fund, Texas; and Octavio Chavez, Paso del Norte Air Quality Taskforce, Texas. – "Aguascalientes Roadside Tampering Survey Update," Lenora Bohren, NCVECS; and Andrew Burnette, Radian, Texas. – "Assessment of Air Pollutants from Vehicles in Matamoros-Reynosa Border," Maricruz Rodriguez, Air Quality Department of the Institute of Ecology of Guanajuato.

* 6 p.m.-10 p.m., evening sponsored event.

Nov. 3

* 9:30 a.m.-12:45 p.m., Training, Education and Public Awareness. – "Role of Universities and Educational Institutions in Air Pollution," Matilde Espinosa, Director Direccion de Calidad Ambiental, Mexico City. – "Testing and Certifying Technicians for Quality Results," Don Dew and J.D. Sampedro, Automotive Service Excellence, Va. – "Clean Air: Learning About It Experientially at a Premier Environmental College," Hilary Pollack and Brian Pasko, Northland College, Wis. – "Pollution Prevention," Bob and Sonia Vogl, Northern Illinois University.

2 p.m.-5 p.m., Technology, Fuels and Innovations. – "Battery Powered Buses for Urban Transportation," German Carmora, National Autonomous University, Mexico City. – "The Fuels of Chili," Antonio H. Miguel, Center of Environment Research and Technology, University of California, Riverside. – "Remote Sensing: An Adjunct to Vehicle Inspection Programs," Niranjan Vescio, RSTi, Calif.; and Lenora Bohren, National Center for Vehicle Emissions Control and Safety. * Air Pollution Strategies in Select South American Countries – "Quito’s Urban Lead Abatement Strategy," Jorge Oviedo, Director of Urban Ecology, Quito, Ecuador. – "La Ciudad de Santiago de Cali Program Update," Blanca Nubia Velasquez, Depatamento Administrativo de Gestion del Medio Ambiente (DAGMA), Colombia. – "Sao Paulo Vehicle Inspection Program Update," Olimpio de Melo Alvares Jr., the Environmental Protection Agency for the State of Sao Paulo (CETESB), Brazil.

The two-day conference is sponsored by the National Center for Vehicle Emissions Control and Safety, part of the College of Applied Human Sciences at Colorado State University.

The National Center for Vehicle Emissions Control and Safety opened in 1976 and is the nation’s only university-based center devoted exclusively to the study of light-duty vehicle emissions control. The National Center for Vehicle Emissions Control and Safety recently established on-board diagnostics center through funding from a major federal grant.

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