Colorado State University Professor to Give Reading, Booksigning

Colorado State English professor David Milofsky will read from and sign his new novel "Eternal People" at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 9 at the Stone Lion Bookstore, 107 N. College Ave.

"Eternal People" is the story of Joseph Abrams, a Ukrainian Jew who immigrates to America at the end of the 19th century. The book is based on original research and is filled with period detail as well as insight into human emotion.

"Research for this historical novel began in the early ’80s" said Milofsky. "I became intrigued by an obscure reference to the Am Olam movement in a text I was reading. I hadn’t heard of Am Olam (eternal people), and my curiosity led me on a long search through journals, original papers and records. I learned that during the late nineteenth century, there was this tremendous enthusiasm among young Russian Jews to come to America as part of the socialist Am Olam movement. It was a movement that was very significant, but is completely unknown today. The people I learned about through my research became prototypes for characters in the book."

Milofsky’s first novel was "Playing from Memory." His short stories, articles and reviews have appeared in many publications including "Prairie Schooner," "The New York Times," and "The New York Times Magazine." Milofsky is also the editor of "The Colorado Review" and serves as director of the Center for Literary Publishing on campus.