Colorado State University’s Graduating Seniors Create New Tradition with Class Gift

Members of the class of 1999 will leave their mark on Colorado State University with a unique class gift. The gift doesn’t require that students donate money; instead, students are asked to donate time and energy.

Students will gather on May 2 in the back yard of the Alumni Center, 645 S. Shields St., to complete the class gift, a landscaping project called "Class of ’99–Planting Pride." Students planning to graduate in May or December of 1999 are invited to contribute to the class effort any time between noon and 6 p.m. The afternoon will include food, music, give-aways and time for members of the class to mingle with each other while they beautify the lot.

"The goal of the project is to bring seniors together and let them give something back," said Heather Hope, a member of the project planning committee. "In return, they will make connections to other graduates as they celebrate their time here. Plus, they will begin their connection to the university as alumni."

A committee of students and administrators has been meeting weekly to make the first official class project a success.

Brad Saucerman, a 1992 Colorado State graduate and an employee of Jim Sell Design, has created a landscaping plan for the project and other alumni have donated materials.

For more information on volunteering for the "Class of ’99–Planting Pride" project or on planning future the class projects, call the Office of Alumni Relations at (970) 491-6533.