Colorado State University Veterinarian Named to Head Vet Team at Denver’s New Ocean Journey Aquarium

Colorado State University veterinarian Dr. Terry Campbell will add Sumatran tigers, sharks, sea otters and rainbow trout to his new client list as he begins his duties heading up the veterinary team for Denver’s new Ocean Journey Aquarium, opening June 21.

Campbell, an associate professor in the Zoological Medicine Service at Colorado State’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital, and team will provide routine examinations, preventative and emergency care for the aquatic, avian and mammalian population of the new facility.

His other qualifications are unique for a veterinarian in Colorado: from 1989 to 1995, Campbell was a staff veterinarian at Sea World in Florida. This job included medical and surgical care for marine and terrestrial mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and all invertebrates housed in the parks or as part of a wildlife rehabilitation program.

Another unique feature of the job with Ocean Journey is that the team will not be on-site veterinary staff. Instead, Ocean Journey has contracted with Colorado State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital for the team’s veterinary services.

Campbell’s responsibilities at Colorado State include care for the exotic animal and wildlife cases, daily teaching duties and providing intensive care for the Rocky Mountain Raptor Center. The Zoological Medicine Services also provides support to the Riverside Zoological Park in Scottsbluff, Neb., as well as consultation with the Denver Zoological Park.