State Board of Agriculture Praises University of Southern Colorado President Tito Guerrero at Annual Review

Tito Guerrero, president of the University of Southern Colorado since July 1997, today was praised for his work as leader of the university.

The review was given by the State Board of Agriculture, which is the governing board of USC, Fort Lewis College in Durango and Colorado State University in Fort Collins.

Under the leadership of President Tito Guerrero, the University of Southern Colorado has:

  • Raised $4.7 million in private funds.
  • Dealt effectively and decisively with the fiscal realities of a six-year enrollment decline, submitting a balanced budget for 1999.
  • Worked to end the enrollment decline.
  • Created an ad hoc planning committee to review the outcomes of the budget realignment and position the university for success in the 21st century.
  • Initiated talks in collaboration with CSU System Chancellor Albert Yates, focusing on cooperative efforts between USC and CSU to better serve the needs of southeastern Colorado’s citizens.

Each year, the president of the university is evaluated based on the following criteria: leadership, planning and management; ability to foster positive, supportive relationships among campus groups and external constituencies; and fund-raising success.