Colorado State University Students Receive Fellowships from the Denver Mortar Board Alumni Chapter

The Denver Mortar Board Alumni Association will award three fellowships at an Awards Luncheon April 22. All three recipients are Colorado State University students. The association is awarding the $2,000 fellowships as part of its 50th anniversary celebration.

The awardees, chosen for demonstrating excellence in academics, leadership and service, are Colleen Bates, Germaine Daye and Beth Kellett.

Bates is a senior who will graduate this spring with a degree in Design and Merchandising from the College of Applied Human Sciences. She is a member of Tau Iota Omega chapter of Mortar Board and will begin graduate school this fall.

Bates’ focus is on apparel design, production and manufacturing, and she hopes to use her degree to further human rights of women in the textile and apparel industry. "My graduate work will focus on two specific areas of the apparel and textile industry," said Bates. "I will be developing a model for self-employment and co-op opportunities for underemployed and undereducated women in the textile and apparel industry. My other focus will be responsible involvement in challenging labor issues of large apparel manufacturers."

Daye is a graduate student in veterinary medicine at Colorado State University. Daye, a Native American from New Mexico, hopes to improve veterinary care on the Navajo reservation. She hopes to open clinics and recruit veterinarians, create an emergency system, improve communication and dissolve the effects of language barriers between clients and doctors, educate pet owners about the need for veterinary care and serve as a role model and mentor for youth. Daye eventually would like to complete a residency and Ph.D. program in pathology and pursue a research and teaching career.

"I like to make learning exciting and productive," said Daye. "A couple of ways that I do this is to attend daily rounds in the hospital, educate clients about veterinary care, volunteer on the Equine Emergency Team and study in groups to get a different perspective and relay material to fellow students."

Kellett is a teaching assistant pursuing her master’s degree in chemical engineering, with a focus on biotechnology. Kellett received her bachelor’s degree from the Colorado School of Mines in Golden.

Kellett began her career as a process engineer in the mining industry, but after taking both an Emergency Medical Technician course and a biology course, she became interested in biotechnology. Kellett aspires to be involved with a start-up, biotechnology company after she graduates.

The three fellowship awards were funded by Denver Mortar Board Alumni Association members as part of Project 2000, a five year planning and donation process to recognize and support the efforts of graduate students.