Does Fido Need a Lesson in Etiquette? Colorado State Offers Free Class on Teaching Dogs Proper Behavior

If you love your dog, but his manners and your patience are in desperate need of help, then the free lecture on "Raising an Ideal Dog" could be the answer.

The-one hour seminar begins at 7 p.m. August 24 in the Junior Lecture Hall at Colorado State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital at 300 West Drake Road in Fort Collins. A question-and-answer session follows the presentation.

Conducted by well-known animal behaviorist Dr. Rolan Tripp, affiliate faculty member at Colorado State’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, the program is designed to give the dog owner some fundamental guidelines and instructions on how to raise a dog to be ideal companion.

"The overall goal is to teach a simple method that takes from 2 to 10 minutes of fun interaction with the dog," Tripp said. "With the skills learned in this program, the owner can solve most behavior problems, build a stronger bond with the dog, and increase communication and satisfaction in the relationship."

Tripp is a veterinary practitioner with a special interest and expertise in applied animal behavior. He is director of pet behavior and wellness for in addition to serving as veterinary director of Animal Behavior and Training Associates, the largest private dog training company in the country.

Some key points from the lecture include:

  • characteristics to look for in an ideal dog;
  • how to select and socialize a puppy;
  • exercises that will develop intelligence; and
  • preventing and correcting bad manners such as chewing, digging in the yard, jumping on the furniture, correct response to soiling accidents and more.

Dogs are not allowed. Space for the lecture is limited. For reservations, call Debbie Liptak at (970) 491-1273.