Colorado State University Students Who are Fighting Fires Throughout the West Will be Allowed Back to School Late

Colorado State University, following a request from Gov. Bill Owens and federal officials, is allowing students fighting forest fires throughout the West to begin classes at the university later than the Aug. 21 starting time.

"In the best tradition of our land-grant institution to serve the community and the nation, Colorado State will support students’ efforts in fighting the fires that have been devastating Western regions all summer," said Colorado State President Albert Yates. "The students involved in helping to protect lives and resources will receive the full support of this institution to continue their vital work."

"We recognize the value of this service from our students at a time of dire need," said Provost Loren Crabtree. "We are going to do everything we can to accommodate their academic needs in response."

In support of student firefighters, Colorado State adopted the following procedures to support all firefighting efforts. The procedures also have been adopted by the other schools within the Colorado State University System: Fort Lewis College in Durango and the University of Southern Colorado in Pueblo.

  • The student or family member should notify the university that the student is involved in the firefighting effort as soon as possible, and no later than Friday, Aug. 25. They should contact the Registrar’s Office at Colorado State by calling (970) 491-4860, by voice mail at (970) 491-4280, or by e-mail to the
  • The information required from the student or family member should include the student’s full name, I.D. number, home address and phone number, and name and location of the agency for which the student is working.
  • If students are able to report by Friday, Sept. 8, faculty and staff will work with them to help with missed classes and assignments, and will counsel with them as to the advisability of their remaining in certain courses.
  • Similarly, registration, financial aid, housing and other deadlines will be extended for the student firefighters until Friday, Sept. 8.
  • Students unable to report for classes by Friday, Sept. 8, should contact the university to discuss their individual situations. For these students, all late fees will be waived and tuition charges will be canceled.
  • All of these extensions also apply to National Guard or Reserve who have been called to join the firefighting effort.

In this time of true emergency, it may be that students will be expected to continue firefighting well beyond the time when it would be reasonable for them to commence fall classes. If students decide that it is impractical for them to attend this fall semester, they will remain in good standing and will not be required to reapply for admission. They should, however, notify the university of their intentions as soon as possible so they can be prepared to pre-register for spring semester 2001.