State Board Sets Framework, Expectations for University of Southern Colorado to Move Toward Name Change to Csu-Pueblo

The governing board for the Colorado State University System today voted to endorse a process for the University of Southern Colorado to become Colorado State University-Pueblo, and outlined specific expectations for the southern Colorado university to meet to allow the name change to occur.

In a 6 to 1 vote, the State Board of Agriculture supported the idea of changing the name of USC, but gave a detailed list of expectations, which the school must meet before the board will endorse the name change and recommend it to the Colorado legislature. The motion calls for USC to complete the necessary changes required to meet the expectations by January 2003. "As the recent evaluation by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education shows, Colorado State University is the top-ranked institution in the state. The University of Southern Colorado, by seeking a more direct linkage to the flagship school, has set the bar high. In achieving this goal, USC will benefit, CSU will benefit and the entire state will benefit," said Reginald Washington, president of the board. "While the board sees great potential in USC moving to become Colorado State University–Pueblo, we felt it was important that any name change be more than cosmetic. In this motion, we’ve identified a framework by which this name change can occur to the benefit of all."

If the name change is endorsed, the two universities will create more academic program linkages and more collaboration in administrative areas, Washington said. Also, the budgeting and planning processes at the two institutions would become more similar. The newly named Colorado State University-Pueblo would not become a branch school, but rather would retain its fiscal and academic independence as part of the Colorado State University System.

The board’s move contained the following list of expectations for USC and CSU to achieve in advance of any name change endorsement by the board.

The University of Southern Colorado:

  • has demonstrated commitment to the land-grant mission and application of effective outreach activities, including those that further its enrollment, with strong constituent service in academic programs, research, and economic development in its primary service areas of Southeastern Colorado and elsewhere;
  • has achieved increasing strength and quality in its key academic programs;
  • has established standards expected of a comprehensive regional university faculty appointment, promotion, tenure, teaching, creative and scholarly work, an overall performance, that parallel, with due allowance for differences institutional size, role, mission, and admission of students, those of Colorado State University; and
  • has employed unified strategic planning, financial planning and budgeting processes that facilitate long-term objectives in furtherance of the University’s mission and collaborations with Colorado State University.

Colorado State University:

  • has helped the University of Southern Colorado in the coordination and placement of its outreach, continuing education, and special programs; and
  • has assisted the University of Southern Colorado in advancing its recruitment and enrollment management strategies and resources, its strategic planning, and its objectives of meeting regional needs in its academic programming.