Colorado State Ranked for Contributions to Safe, Healthy, Tasty Meat and Poultry

Colorado State University’s animal sciences department this week was recognized as a top college for academic meat and poultry programs by Meat and Poultry Magazine, an international trade publication that caters to the $100 billion meat and poultry industry in North America.

Colorado State’s fourth-place ranking among 10 universities in the nation was based on an evaluation of university programs, a survey of meat and poultry professionals and the university’s record of producing quality students and research for low-cost solutions to problems faced by the industry.

"Meat and Poultry Magazine is a highly regarded publication for meat industry professionals worldwide," said Daryl Tatum, head of the Department of Animal Sciences. "The meat sciences faculty at Colorado State are internationally recognized leaders who focus on key issues that directly affect the livestock and meat industry."

Colorado State’s specialty work in meat science and food safety, particularly red meat, was noted in the award. These programs include animal behavior, handling, growth and development; carcass composition, quality grading, processing and restructuring; microbiology, preservation and safety; Cooperative Extension activities; and safe handling and preparation of meat.

The Colorado State Center for Red Meat Safety also was recognized for working closely with 30 beef packing plants, 16 pork plants and large retail grocery chains in the country to improve the quality and safety of meat for consumers.

The university’s food science degree program in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, which is endorsed by the Institute of Food Technologies, also was cited in the recognition.

With the announcement of the awards, Meat and Poultry Magazine called Colorado State’s meat sciences program "an authoritative institution in the areas of animal handling, meat chemistry, processing, quality, preservation, carcass composition and safety."

Professors Keith Belk, Temple Grandin, John Scanga, Glenn Schmidt, Gary Smith and John Sofos, along with Tatum, were noted for their work at Colorado State.

Colorado ranked fourth of 10 universities in the nation by the magazine, with Texas A&M, Iowa State and Kansas State leading the list.