Usda Director Honored at Colorado State University’s Distinguished Alumni Award Program April 26

A director at the U.S. Department of Agriculture will be honored by Colorado State University’s Alumni Association at the annual Distinguished Alumni Awards Program April 26.

Richard Curnow, who earned his doctorate degree in wildlife and radiation biology from Colorado State in 1970, will receive the College of Natural Resources Honor Alumnus Award at the ceremony.

As the director of the USDA’s National Wildlife Research Center, Curnow is responsible for the planning and overall strategy of the nation’s wildlife damage research.

An internationally known natural resource authority, Curnow received the USDA Secretary’s Honor Award for Outstanding Customer Service in 2000.

Curnow has made significant contributions to the College of Natural Resources at Colorado State. Due to his leadership, the USDA’s new National Wildlife Research Center was recently opened on the Colorado State campus. The NWRC provides scientific information on wildlife, its habitat and its relationship to agriculture and public safety. At the center and in the field, specialists – many from Colorado State – conduct scientific inquiries into the problems of wildlife damage and look for solutions to those problems.

"Richard Curnow is a nationally known natural resources leader who works in the highest circles of our government," said Randy Robinette, chairman of the Department of Fishery and Wildlife Biology at Colorado State. "Wherever he goes, he is a wonderful ambassador for Colorado State University and the College of Natural Resources."