Teacher of Teachers in Colorado State University’s School of Education Honored with Distinguished Faculty Award

A University Distinguished Teaching Scholar and professor in the School of Education will receive the Alumni Association’s Distinguished Faculty Award at Colorado State University this month.

Bob Richburg, professor of teacher education and staff development, will be honored at the university’s Distinguished Alumni Awards Banquet on April 26.

Richburg, who has been with the School of Education for more than 25 years and who recently won the State Board of Agriculture Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching award, is known throughout the state of Colorado as an exemplary teacher.

He has positively influenced hundreds of teachers through his research and scholarship in teaching and teacher preparation. His innovations in the classroom include the development of a nationally recognized program called Project Promise, an intensive, 10-½ month program that teaches mid-career professionals how to be effective teachers. Project Promise was designated a Program of Excellence by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education and awarded $565,000 between 1993-1998.

Undergraduate students hold him in high esteem and consider him a role model. One of Richburg’s students wrote, "Bob is an amazing instructor. His passion for education and teachers comes through in his instruction. I will remember this class always – he has made such a huge impact on me."

Richburg is devoted to understanding and communicating social studies content to learners of all ages. This passion is enriched by his compassion and his intense desire to create learning environments in which every student can succeed.

"The quintessential educator known for his preparation, creativity and currency, Dr. Richburg has fostered the love of teaching in hundreds of national, regional and local award-winning public school teachers," said Rich Feller, professor in the School of Education.

Richburg’s past awards for excellence in teaching and scholarship include the 2001 College of Applied Human Sciences Outstanding Teacher Award, the Best Teacher Award in 2000 and educational leadership and innovation awards from Phi Delta Kappa.

"I think I’m the most fortunate person in the world," Richburg said when he was named University Distinguished Teaching Scholar in late 2000. "It’s a joy to get up every day and do what I do."

Richburg received a doctorate in social science education and curriculum development at the University of Colorado-Boulder. His master’s is from the University of Southern California.