Cooperative Extension Plans Drought Strategy Meetings for Farmers and Ranchers

Colorado State University Cooperative Extension is responding to agricultural producers’ informational needs about drought management strategies with a series of meetings throughout the state. Meetings are planned for each of the seven major watershed areas of the state.

The following is an outline of three meetings that have been scheduled. Details on time and location are still being finalized. Producers are encouraged to contact the Cooperative Extension professional listed with the meeting in their area for more information.

Four additional meetings are being planed to address specific concerns for the other four major watershed areas in the state. Topics, dates and locations of these meetings are not included in the following list, but are expected to be finalized soon. Producers should contact their local Cooperative Extension office for a schedule. Cooperative Extension is usually listed under the county government listings of the local phone book.

Meeting schedule:

  • Cortez area, May 1. Contact Kenny Smith for more information at 970-565-3123. Topics include alternative feeds for livestock, marketing unproductive cows and water allocation for crops and forages.
  • Delta area, May 8. Contact Robbie Baird-LeValley for more details at 970-874-2195. Topics include information about grassland performance predictions; deciding to buy hay or sell cows; and pasture, forage, irrigation and cattle management.
  • Pueblo area, May 23. Contact Scott Cotton for more information at 719-583-6566. Topics include a drought overview and drought management techniques for rangeland and livestock.