Two of Colorado’s First Quadruplets to Graduate from Colorado State University and the University of Colorado

Two of Colorado’s first quadruplets will embark on a new part of their unique lives as they graduate from two of the state’s top universities.

Jessica Garrison will receive her degree in computer information systems from Colorado State University’s College of Business May 11, and Forrest Garrison will receive his degree in architecture from the University of Colorado May 10.

After a change of course following her freshman year from pre-medical to computer information systems, Jessica found her niche – working with computers and people.

"I enjoy computers, but being the youngest of the four, I’m definitely a people-person too," she said. "Colorado State has allowed me to combine a great education with an outside life in a positive, enriching environment. I’ve grown a lot in the last four years."

With the odds of giving birth to quadruplets one in 600,000, the Garrison siblings were born Nov. 7, 1979, in Denver. They overcame several obstacles as Jessica was severely ill at birth, weighing only 2 pounds, 8 ounces after her fluid-filled lungs were drained. Forrest was born with leukemia but overcame the illness at age 12.

Although the quads are highly competitive among each other, they spent their formative years as best friends. They all enjoyed sports, leading to Jessica’s love of diving and her position as captain on Colorado State’s award-winning diving team.

The quads also were taught the importance of hard work, sharing and helping others. Along with taking senior-level computer courses and competing on the diving team, Jessica worked part-time with Alzheimer’s patients during her junior and senior years.

While the entire Garrison clan still lives in Colorado and values being close to each other, Jessica has her sights set on Pennsylvania and working for a technology firm that she hand-picked. She’s termed as sassy by her siblings and is persistent in reaching her goals. She recently went directly to the executive vice president of Intermedia Interactive Solutions in Philadelphia to express her eagerness to work for the company.

International Business Management has been one of Jessica’s favorite courses while at Colorado State. Her instructor, Bill Shuster, knows how successful she’ll be beyond college.

"Jessica combines great business proficiency, technical know-how and remarkable communications skills topped off with an ability to treat everyone she meets with dignity and respect," Shuster said. "She’s a powerful package and I know she’ll do extremely well in the business world."