World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions to Perform at Colorado State’s B.W. Pickett Equine Arena May 31-June 1

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The world famous Lipizzaner Stallions will be coming to the Colorado State University B.W. Pickett Equine Arena from May 31 – June 1 for three shows only.

As part of their 32nd Anniversary World Tour, the troupe will give performances at 7:30 p.m. on May 31st and at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. on June 1. All tickets are general admission and prices are $18.50 for adults and $16.50 for children 12 and under, seniors and CSU students with a valid I.D.

The troupe has indicated that a portion of the ticket sales will go to support the Equine Center at Colorado State University.

The current tour features 12 to 14 stallions and riders performing selected maneuvers such as the Capriole, the Courbette and the Levade as part of the well-known "Airs Above the Ground." Once used by riders in the saddle to protect and defend themselves on the battlefield, these leaps and maneuvers are battle tactics now preserved as an equestrian work of art.

The show emulates the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Austria in its presentation of Lipizzans, a rare and unique breed. The Lipizzans are of an ancient lineage dating back more than 2,000 years. They became almost exclusively the property of the nobility and the military aristocracy and the stallions were trained for battle. Over the course of the past 300 years, the Lipizzans have been rescued from extinction due to the exigencies of war. During WWII, thanks to a rescue operation conducted by General George S. Patton and the United States Army’s 2nd Cavalry in Austria during WW II the Lipizzans were again saved for future generations.

The Lipizzan is a long-lived horse. Thirty to thirty-five years is their average lifespan. They are usually born black and changes slowly over a period of six to ten years to their final, pure white color.

Although the Lipizzans are the star of the show, other show breeds will also perform including the Spanish Andalusian and the Arabian.

The Spanish Riding School of Vienna is a centuries-old training center in Austria, considered to be the most elite in the world, practicing Haute Ecole, the highest level of dressage. Although an authentic presentation of this style, the troupe is not affiliated with the Spanish Riding School.

Tickets went on sale May 2 and can be purchased at only two locations: Whitesides Western Wear in Loveland and Corral West Ranchwear on College Avenue in Fort Collins. Tickets available at the door o show days subject to availability.