Celebrate Agriculture with Colorado Cuisine at Colorado State University Ag Day Sept. 14

Colorado farmers and ranchers put great food on tables around the nation, and Colorado State University’s Ag Day salutes them with a tasty barbecue and educational fun in conjunction with the Colorado State football game Sept. 14 against the University of Louisville.

The traditional Ag Day barbecue, marking 21 years this fall, features food grown in Colorado including lamb, beef, pork, beans, potatoes, corn on the cob, apples, ice cream, homemade wheat bread, melons, milk, pop and beer. The pre-game barbecue will be held from 4:30-6:15 p.m. at Hughes Stadium on Overland Trail between Drake Road and Prospect Road.

"Agriculture is an important part of the university’s and the state’s history and future," said Jim Heird, Colorado State interim vice provost for agriculture and dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences. "In addition to supporting the state’s economy, agriculture supplies the state, nation and world with safe, healthy food, protects and cares for open space and provides habitat to wildlife in the state. The tradition of Ag Day honors all these contributions."

The annual celebration of Colorado’s agricultural heritage also includes displays and live music before concluding with the football game, which begins at 7:30 p.m. and which will be televised by ESPN2 and broadcast on 1410 KIIX radio. In addition, Ag Day celebration commentary, interviews and music will be broadcast live on location by K99 radio.

Proceeds from Ag Day benefit Colorado State students through scholarships and funding to support educational programs at the university. The event was founded by Colorado State alumni to celebrate agricultural heritage and to familiarize Coloradoans with the state’s extensive agricultural history.

Agriculture consistently ranks among the top three industries in the state in terms of economic contributions. Last year, Colorado farms and ranchers provided more than 86,000 jobs and $4.4 billion in agricultural sales to the economy. The majority of Colorado’s farms are privately owned, and 10.9 million acres of Colorado’s 66.4 million total acres are in farms and ranches. Nationwide, farmers and ranchers provide food and habitat for 75 percent of the nation’s wildlife. The United States also produces the greatest abundance of food in the world.

Ag Day is sponsored by Colorado State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, Colorado agricultural organizations and the university’s Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Tickets for the Ag Day barbecue are $12; joint tickets for the barbecue and the football game are $30.

For ticket information, call 970-491-7805.