Colorado State University Earns Record Research Funding

Colorado State University received a record $183 million in sponsored research awards for fiscal year 2001-2002, $17 million more than the previous year and a 36 percent ($48 million) increase in externally funded research support over the past five years.

"In a challenging economic environment, Colorado State University is witnessing record gains in external research awards," said Albert Yates, president of Colorado State University and chancellor of the Colorado State University System. "This is a strong indication of the quality research being led by our outstanding faculty and students, as well as the high level of confidence that government agencies and commercial sponsors have in Colorado State."

Federal funds comprised the majority (68 percent) of the sponsored awards and totaled more than $123 million, nearly $15 million (14 percent) more than the previous year. Commercial and other non-federal awards made up $41 million (23 percent) of the total, with state support adding another $18 million (10 percent of the total).

"Learning and research are inextricably linked, and the increase in research activity at Colorado State is having major positive impacts on our instructional mission," said Anthony Frank, vice president for research and information technology. "Colorado State researchers are moving discovery and creation into the classroom and giving students the opportunities to gain hands-on experience with real research projects."

For the second consecutive year, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provided the largest amount of awards to Colorado State at $32 million. The National Science Foundation and the Department of Agriculture each awarded the campus approximately $16 million, and the Department of Defense granted more than $11 million. The Department of Education, NASA, the Department of Energy, the Department of Commerce, the Department of the Interior and the Environmental Protection Agency also funded research projects at Colorado State. For a complete breakdown of funding, see the attached chart.

Externally sponsored research and programs generate the largest portion of Colorado State’s finances, making up approximately 25 percent of the university’s budget.