Jean Hoshiko Honored with Colorado State University Cooperative Extension Friends of Extension Award

Jean Hoshiko was honored with the Friends of Extension award Sept. 27 for her service to Colorado State University Cooperative Extension.

The Friends of Extension award is a special award given to businesses or individuals who make significant contributions to Colorado State Cooperative Extension. Partnerships and teamwork with community members and organizations is critical to Extension’s ability to carry forth its mission and share the university’s knowledge with the people of Colorado.

For more than 50 years, Hoshiko has helped Colorado State Cooperative Extension to make a difference in the lives of Coloradans through her continued support of the Colorado 4-H Youth Development Program. Hoshiko’s establishment of the Paul Hoshiko Jr. Memorial 4-H Golf Tournament has given many young people the opportunity to travel out of state for award trips as well as participate in international experiences through the International 4-H Youth Exchange program.

"Through Jean’s support and contributions to Cooperative Extension, hundreds of Colorado youth have been given opportunities they would not otherwise have had," said Milan Rewerts, Colorado State Cooperative Extension director.

Hoshiko assists not only with the organization of the tournament but also secures major donors and corporate sponsors and special gifts. Throughout the past seven years, more than $100,000 has been raised as a result of the tournament.

In addition to establishing the tournament, Hoshiko has been a vocal supporter of 4-H and has invested her time, energy and resources to ensure that the 4-H experience will be available to future generations of Colorado youth.