Colorado State University a Campus of Character

Colorado State University is encouraging, recognizing and rewarding good character through a new initiative called Campus of Character.

Colorado State is collaborating with the City of Fort Collins to develop programs that cultivate character development and build community. As a Campus of Character, Colorado State aims to heighten awareness of a different character trait each month. Traits include service, compassion, open-mindedness and integrity, among others.

To launch the initiative, Colorado State’s Character and Community Task Force selected Sunshine Workman, a sociology major, to be recognized for epitomizing respect, October’s character quality. Workman is a founder of Colorado State’s "Got Respect" campaign that asks students, faculty and staff to sign a pledge that reads:

  • I recognize the universal individualism represented by the diverse people of our community.
  • I will challenge myself to step outside of my boundaries and increase my awareness and understanding of others.
  • I seek to embrace and value our differences and honor all beings.
  • I will foster an honest and open journey to create peace, unity and solidarity among people.
  • My signature indicates my commitment to respecting all people and building an inclusive and diverse society.

Workman is an activist who serves as a peer mentor, Key Academic Community Student Coordinator, co-coordinator of the Multicultural Leadership Retreat and is helping to bring the world premier of "Journey to a Hate-Free Millennium" to Fort Collins. Workman graduates this spring and plans to obtain her master’s degree in student affairs in higher education and a doctorate in sociology.

The Character of Campus initiative will kick off at the Student Leader Dinner Oct. 17. At the event, Colorado State President Albert Yates will acknowledge Workman for her efforts to promote respect on campus. The Student Leader Dinner is an opportunity to promote cooperation and partnership among student leaders and Colorado State officials. About 250 student leaders will have the chance to interact with Yates and discuss what it means to be a Campus of Character.

Yates will also discuss Bridges to the Future, a yearlong program co-sponsored by Colorado State and the University of Denver in an effort to encourage dialog of American history and values.

Campus of Character and Bridges to the Future seek to inspire our community and campus to renew our most basic values and build positive character traits in our everyday lives.

"Character is defined as the inward motivation to do what is right, whatever the cost," said Victoria Keller, chair of Colorado State’s Character Task Force. "Campus of Character will emphasize character rather than achievement, since achievement with excellence requires good character."

For more information contact Keller at (970) 491-1682 or go online at