Website Offers Bi-Lingual, Research-Based, Unbiased Information About Transgenetic Crops

Plant breeding and genetics researchers and professors at Colorado State University have authored a Web site in Spanish offering information about transgenic crops, otherwise known as genetically modified crops. The site, "Cultivos Transgenicos: Introduccion and Guia de Recursos," provides unbiased and balanced information about transgenic crops through the department of soil and crop sciences. The site is located at

"There is very little reliable information on agricultural biotechnology on the Web for the millions of Spanish speakers in the U.S. and overseas. We hope this new site will help fill that gap and reach a wider audience," said Sarah Ward, associate professor of plant breeding and genetics in the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences.

The Web site, created for the general public, uses clear language and lay terms to explain genetics and answer questions. The use of color animation and lay terms to explain genetic science has made the site popular for use in schools.

Content on the site is similar to Colorado State’s original English language transgenic crops Web site, "Transgenic Crops: An Introduction and Resource Guide," located at

The Web site describes how transgenic plants are made and includes animated demonstrations of the process. It also includes an explanation of how genetically modified crops are evaluated and regulated, describes crops that are currently available or planned for the future, a discussion of risks and concerns associated with these crops and links to both pro and con Web sites.

The site is funded by a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture under the Initiative for Future Agriculture and Food Systems program. To provide balanced, unbiased information, authors of the site receive no money from companies involved in the development of transgenic crops or from groups campaigning against such crops.