Leadership Program at Coloroado State University Begins in December

A program that enhances leadership skills of rural Colorado citizens who are in or working toward positions of influence and leadership within their communities begins at Colorado State University in December. The two-year program, called CARL, is managed by the College of Agricultural Science and Cooperative Extension.

The Colorado Agriculture and Rural Leadership program, or CARL, is an interactive travel and study program dedicated to producing graduates with vision and commitment to lead change and ensure the sustainability of Colorado’s agricultural economies and rural communities. Formerly managed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, the program investigates issues facing rural and agricultural communities including growth, natural resource management, water, drought, government policy, global markets, technology and cultural diversity.

"Effective leadership of Colorado agriculture and rural communities is more critical today than it has ever been before," said Jim Heird, interim vice provost and dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences. "Issues are more complex, and much greater local input and visioning vision are required for creating effective solutions."

Participants in the two-year CARL program, which starts in December, include Angie Cue, Brant Harrison, Callie Hendrickson, Olivia Hickert, Gregg Johnson, Webb Jones, Ashley Krest, Tim Macklin, Jean Morrow, Kevin Roberts, Kindra Shafer, Mary Shelden, Marylu Smith, Jerry Sonnenberg, Danny Tinnes and Joan Waldoch.

Participation for CARL is limited to 25 people for each two-year class. Participants have gone through an application and interview process to be selected for the program. To date, more than 170 people have graduated from the program since it began in 1983. Many now are active leaders in industry, their communities and around the state and nation.

For more information contact Don Nitchie, CARL director, at (970) 491-2246 or at www.agsci.colostate.edu/carl/.