Cooperative Extension Web Site Offers Resources to Weather Colorado’s Economic Downturn

A Web site developed through Colorado State University Cooperative Extension gives information and resources to people who have been laid off or are looking for work.

The Web site also addresses important issues facing Colorado’s work force. Among the most important issues are training for high technology jobs, diverse urban and rural opportunities and issues related to growth. Employers also are informed about current issues facing the job market through the Web site.

The Web site can be found by logging onto, clicking on "Outreach and Extension," then clicking on "Cooperative Extension" and finally clicking on the link "Expanding Opportunities for Colorado’s Work Force." The site also can be accessed by logging on directly to

The Web site developers are part of a Colorado State Cooperative Extension team that strives to educate people preparing to enter or reposition themselves in the work force.

This year, Colorado experienced the largest job loss in state history. Data from the Center for Business and Economic Forecasting shows a decline of 73,000 jobs in the last 12 months. The good news is that job reductions are slowing; however, job gains remain relatively small. Experts predict that hiring in Colorado will increase within the next 12 months but the total number of jobs in the state is not expected to reach its previous 2001 high again until 2004.

This year also marked a state record drop in real personal income and the first decline in retail sales since 1986.