Colorado State University’s Outstanding Graduates: Husband, Soldier, Graduating Senior

Travis Bowser is ready to fight for our country – but first the Palmdale, Calif., native has to act as a selected speaker at his graduation ceremony this month.

Bowser is an ROTC student graduating with a degree in environmental health. He already had served a few years in the Air Force before starting college and, after graduating, will report to a base in Washington state in January. After his four year commitment with the armed services is finished, Bowser says he may stay in the military or go into occupational health. For now, he says, he’s just concentrating on graduation.

Bowser credits his wife, Becky, with helping him to get through school. Becky worked full time to support them both while he went to school.

"I couldn’t have done it without her," he said. "She enabled me to study and really focus on doing well in my classes." He admits that the hardest part of his senior year has been staying focused. Between graduation, planning the move to Washington and getting all the proper paperwork filed with the Air Force, Bowser has had a lot to think about other than school.

Although the past four years have been hard work, Bowser admits he’ll miss Fort Collins and Colorado State. "I’ve had a lot of fun here," Bowser said. "But, I’m really looking forward to graduating and moving on – doesn’t everyone?"