Fort Collins Rotary Club “Builds Bridges” to Colorado State International Students

The Fort Collins Rotary Club today announced a new initiative designed to connect international students at Colorado State University to the local community and to Rotary Club members. The initiative was developed in response to a challenge issued by Colorado State University President Albert Yates at his annual State of the University Address.

In his speech today, Yates challenged the members of Rotary to create a program that would contribute to "Bridges to the Future," a year-long statewide effort to encourage exploration and greater understanding of American history and values.

Fort Collins Rotary President Donna Chapel responded to Yates’ challenge as she concluded the event. "Rotarians love a good challenge, whether we’re talking about eradicating Polio or participating in Bridges to the Future," she said. "On behalf of the Rotary Club I would like to accept the challenge." She briefly described the new program the club is creating.

Through the program, a committee of about 50 Rotary Ambassadors will be established. Ambassadors’ activities will include hosting international students each month at Rotary Club meetings and assisting President Yates in hosting incoming international students at the annual president’s reception. Ambassadors also will introduce Colorado State international students to Rotary Exchange Students and Rotary Ambassadorial Scholars from their home countries.

The Fort Collins Rotary Club is currently establishing the Rotary Ambassador Committee and the first committee meeting is scheduled for mid-February.