Colorado State University Will Open Friday After Crews Spend Days Dealing with Heavy Snowfall

Colorado State University will open for classes and normal operations on Friday, March 21, after university crews have cleared snow and fallen branches following the heavy snowstorm that hit Colorado this week.

All university classroom and office buildings will be open. The historic Oval, which is lined with elm trees, will remain closed to the public while crews work to remove branches damaged in the storm. All the buildings that face the Oval, however, will be open through other entrances.

While virtually all of the main university streets have been plowed, parking spaces will be limited on campus, due to the piles of plowed snow. University officials encourage students, faculty and staff to use carpools or public transportation on Transfort to come to campus. Officials from the public transportation unit are planning for increased traffic tomorrow after consulting with university officials.

The university’s Foothills campus and the Veterinary Teaching Hospital will also be open for normal operations on Friday. Parking will also be limited, particularly at the Foothills campus.

University crews will continue working through the weekend to clear any broken or fallen branches, and to continue to remove snow.

For more information, call the university’s snow-line at 491-SNOW or check on the university’s webpage at

University officials also encourage faculty, staff, students and visitors to campus to consider the following issues:

  • Yield to all snow removal equipment.
  • Do not park on roadways as it hampers the ability to clear snow and your car will be towed if it poses a hazard.
  • Beware of snow falling from rooftops, and avoid walking in areas where there are steep roof overhangs.
  • Don’t walk in roadways, and be careful when walking on sidewalks, particularly in early morning hours when ice may be present.
  • Cars on Laurel Street will not be towed, as posted signs indicate, for the normal snow removal route schedule.