Colorado State Nutrition Professor and Renowned Researcher Receives Distinguished Faculty Award May 2

A nationally renowned nutrition and health researcher will receive the Colorado State University Alumni Association’s Distinguished Faculty Award May 2.

Ken Allen, professor of food science and human nutrition at Colorado State, is leading innovative research concerning Omega-3 fatty acids in the prevention of premature births. The $1.2 million grant study sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture aims to improve Colorado’s premature birth rate. Currently the state has one of the highest rates in the United States for premature delivery, a serious health risk and the most common cause of infant mortality.

"Dr. Allen’s zeal and dedication are exemplified in this study as the team seeks to address this public health problem and apply his research to benefit people in this state," said Jennifer Anderson, professor of food science and human nutrition at Colorado State. "This is the highest level of service."

Allen is also credited with discovering the correlation between copper deficiency and high blood cholesterol or increased blood lipids.

"Dr. Allen has contributed cutting edge research, dedicated teaching and devoted service to Colorado State for almost 25 years," said Nancy Hartley, dean of the College of Applied Human Sciences at Colorado State. "He has an international reputation in nutrition and health for his expertise in trace minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids."

Allen’s students see him as passionate and devoted to teaching as well as research.

"Dr. Kenneth Allen is the most outstanding scientist, teacher and mentor that I have ever met," said Yasuko Iwakiri, a former student who is now a postdoctoral research fellow at Yale University School of Medicine. "His significant contribution to Colorado State and excellence in science are obvious with his successful funding records of almost $2.5 million in grants. This is the reflection of his excellence in nutritional sciences and long-term contributions to nutrition and human health, and collaborative networks with renowned researchers across the world."

Allen is active the Colorado Health Sciences Nutrition Consortium, and serves as a panelist on national research review boards of the USDA, American Institute of Nutrition and the National Cancer Institute. He has been active with the American Heart Association of Colorado and his work has been recognized by the American Society for Nutritional Sciences and the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology and Medicine.

Allen received his doctorate degree in biochemistry from Montana State University. He received joint honor bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and physics from the University of London.