Colorado State University President Albert C. Yates Awarded Honorary Degree from Colorado School of Mines

Albert C. Yates, president of Colorado State University and chancellor of the university system, today was presented an honorary doctoral degree in engineering by the Colorado School of Mines. The degree was awarded this morning at the Colorado School of Mines spring commencement ceremony.

"I’m honored and particularly pleased to receive this honorary degree and it is all the more gratifying coming from an institution of the quality and caliber of the Colorado School of Mines," said Yates.

"It is important to us to pay tribute to the many successes of Colorado State University during the tenure of Dr. Yates," said Colorado School of Mines President John U. Trefny. "His service has advanced the student focus of all public universities in the state of Colorado. With this honorary degree, we recognize his dedication to the highest standards in teaching and research and to the significant impact he has had on higher education in the state."

After 13 years at Colorado State, Yates will step down as president in June.