Colorado State University Selling Horses in Auction

Note to Editors: Photos of some horses will be available upon request.

Colorado State University will sell about 50 horses at a university-hosted public auction beginning at 6 p.m. Nov. 14 at the Robert Taylor Auditorium north of Fort Collins at the university’s Agricultural Research, Development and Education Center, or ARDEC, at 4482 E County Road 56 off of the Mountain Vista exit on I-25.

Horses can be viewed that day beginning at 3 p.m. A sale catalog will be made available online and in print by the equine sciences program at the university and are available at or by calling the Equine Sciences program at (970) 491-8373. The catalog will be available on Nov. 1.

Horses available through the sale are primarily mares used for reproduction educational purposes at the university, but the sale will also include about 10 horses used in the university’s riding program. Some tack also will be available at the sale. The horses will be evaluated by a volunteer team from Lynchland Stables, a local Front Range facility, and will undergo a farrier evaluation from Highland Forge. Evaluations will provide comments and suggestions for buyers to consider when purchasing the horses.

The suggestions will include the evaluators’ opinions about the suitability of the horse for beginner to advance riding levels, and other recreational uses.

Some of the horses previously sold from the program have proven to be excellent prospects for riding, jumping and other activities. For example, horses available in previous years include trained reining horses, lesson horse prospects and ex-race horses, and one horse that became a Colorado Hunter/Jumper Association Hunter Champion.

The auction will be conducted by WW Auctions, the university’s contracted auctioneer. The university does not have the capability of accepting bids via telephone. Boarding at the university is not available for horses bought at the sale; therefore, potential buyers are expected to make arrangements to transport any horses they purchase off university grounds the evening of the sale or no later than noon the following day.

As a government entity, Colorado State University must follow federal and state guidelines when selling property, which includes animals used for educational purposes. Guidelines include selling property to the highest bidder when holding a public auction.

For more information about the auction, visit or call (970) 491-8373.

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