Colorado State University’s Summit Fund Hosts National Investment Leaders in Annual Symposium Nov. 14

National investment experts from Invesco Funds, The Knowledge Webb, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Goldman Sachs will headline the Summit Fund Symposium at Colorado State University’s College of Business Nov. 14.

The event is free and open to the public, including local investment clubs. It runs from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. in the North Ballroom of the Lory Student Center on the Colorado State campus.

Presentations of featured speakers include Fritz Meyer, economist for Invesco Funds, speaking about the economic environment of investing; Michael Webb, CEO of The Knowledge Webb, with a presentation on investing in the world of venture capitalism; and Roderick Bentley, technical analyst for Bloomberg, speaking about mastering market timing.

In addition, Randall Fons, from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, will be discussing recent developments at the SEC and Todd Macy, vice president of institutional equity sales for Goldman Sachs, will speak about equity research and investment fundamentals.

Presentations by students of Colorado State’s Summit Fund and Bob Everitt, well-known real estate founder of the university’s investment group, also will be given.

"The students have attracted nationally known experts in their respective fields to participate in the symposium, and we feel very fortunate that they would come to Colorado State University for this event," said Glory Burns, finance and real estate instructor at Colorado State and a Summit Student Investment Fund adviser.  "Great land-grant institutions are known for reaching out to the community, and part of the purpose of this annual symposium is to educate the community about investing. We feel Colorado State’s College of Business has been highly successful in this endeavor. We plan to continue the effort to reach as many students and business and community members as possible."  

Last year, Colorado State’s Summit Investment group participated in the National Competition for Student Investment Funds in Dayton, Ohio, where they placed sixth in the nation and third in the growth category.

The investment symposium is an idea created by the Summit Student Investment in the College of Business to bring leading investment experts to the university to share their experiences in the business. The event is designed for students, the financial community and individuals interested in investments.

"The symposium is a way for the Summit Fund to give back to the community by teaching both students and community members about the current issues in the finance world," said Zach Mozer, student chairman of the symposium.

The Summit Student Investment Fund began in 1999 when Bob Everitt, CEO of the Everitt companies, and his wife Joyce donated $50,000 after attending a student presentation. He also involved other local Fort Collins business leaders to add to the fund.

The Summit Student Investment Fund is capped at 15 students who are chosen after extensive interviews by existing students in the class. The group meets once a week to review each stock in their current portfolio and to debate the pros and cons of stocks that are being proposed for purchase. Members also look at the economy and competing industries as part of decision-making factors. Each member of the group spends hours researching companies and promotes their stock to the group, which requires nine members to approve it before it can be added to the portfolio.

Merrill Lynch and Norlarco helped in funding this event.

A complete schedule of the symposium follows.

–     9 a.m. – Continental breakfast, welcome reception.

–     9:45 a.m. – Economic Environment of Investing – Fritz Meyer, economist, Invesco Funds.

–     10:45 a.m. – Investing in the World of Venture Capitalism – Michael Web, CEO, The Knowledge Webb.

–     11:45 a.m. – Break.

–     1 p.m. – Mastering Market Timing – Roderick Bentley, technical analyst, Bloomberg.

–     2 p.m. – Recent Developments at the SEC – Randall Fons, SEC representative.

–     3 p.m. – Equity Research and Investment Fundamentals – Todd Macy, vice president institutional equity sales, Goldman Sachs.

–     4 p.m. – Summit Fund presentation.

–     4:30 p.m. – Bob Everitt, Summit Fund founder.

For more information or to make reservations to attend the symposium, call Linda Wenzel at (970) 491-5062.