Colorado State University’s College of Business Presents Â??mapping Future Development in Northern Coloradoâ?� Feb. 4

A public seminar at The Ranch on Feb. 4 will explore Northern Colorado’s future residential and commercial development plans for the next several years. Presented by the College of Business’ Center for Investment and Real Estate Finance at Colorado State University, the seminar also will address the most current and innovative mapping techniques and the role of mapping when looking at future development.

"Mapping the Future of Development in Northern Colorado" is scheduled for 2-6 p.m. Feb. 4 at The Ranch located on the Larimer County Fairgrounds. The seminar is open to the public. Registration cost for members of the Home Builders Association of Northern Colorado and the Denver Executive Real Estate Roundtable is $25. Cost for non-members is $40.

"We think both the public and real estate community will be interested in learning about the new developments that are planned near their neighborhoods," said Kyle Henderson, administrator for Colorado State’s Center for Investment and Real Estate Finance.

Featured presenters include Craig Harrison, president of Harrison Resource Corporation; John Covert, Denver regional manager of Metrostudy; and Henderson.

Harrison will speak about mapping the future of development. He is a pioneer in Northern Colorado real estate development and is the president and founder of his online mapping product, LandVoyage. Harrison will discuss how he got started in the industry and the importance of mapping in the future of development.

Covert will present "Residential Development in Northern Colorado: 2003 Q4 and beyond." He will update participants on residential development in the area and use mapping software to show locations of anticipated new developments. In addition, Covert will discuss forth-quarter activity for the residential market.

Henderson will present research on the topic of "Commercial Development in Northern Colorado: Looking to the Future." As the administrator of the College of Business’ Center of Investment and Real Estate Finance, he has been working with members of the city planning staffs of Fort Collins and Loveland and with the developers of the projects. Henderson will discuss what new commercial developments are being planned.

The presentations will be followed by a question and answer session as well as a networking reception, including refreshments and appetizers, sponsored by First National Bank.

The cost of admission is free for Colorado State students, faculty and Center for Investment and Real Estate Finance members; however, all are required to register.

For a complete schedule of events and to register, visit For more information, contact  Henderson at (970) 215-3257.