Colorado State University Awarded $60,000 from Platte River Power Authority

Colorado State University’s Green is Gold campaign was awarded $60,000 from the Platte River Power Authority for continued work on energy and water conservation projects on campus. Green is Gold is a campuswide energy-saving program designed to reduce energy and water consumption by focusing on mandated and voluntary measures to reduce energy and water use.  

"Colorado State University is very appreciative of the generous support Platte River Power Authority has provided to assist the university in completing energy-efficient projects," said Heidi Mechtenberg, engineering technician for Facilities Management – Utility Services.  

The cash incentive from PRPA will assist with the cost of implementing energy-efficiency projects at the university identified through a comprehensive energy audit by Chevron Energy Solutions. The award further allows the university to continue finding new ways to reduce energy use, conserve water and save money. Chevron Energy Solutions holds the performance contract for comprehensive energy and water conservation projects at Colorado State. The energy audit assesses current Colorado State conservation and provides suggestions for new conservation.   

The funding comes from Platte River’s Electric Efficiency program that provides incentives to customers for demand-reduction projects.