Colorado State University Hosts Infectious Disease Research Colloquium

Colorado State University’s Infectious Diseases Research Colloquium on infectious diseases research, technology transfer and the federal outlook on biodefense initiatives runs April 5-6 at the University Park Holiday Inn.

The two-day seminar in Fort Collins features presentations and panel discussions led by Colorado State and other leaders in science and technology. The event is open to the public but is tailored to researchers and others working in infectious diseases or related fields. Advanced registration is required and is available on the Web at

The program will cover a wide range of research areas including human pathogens, infectious diseases in agriculture, drug and vaccine development and post-genomic technologies. The colloquium is designed to benefit investigators with research activities that could be applied to infectious diseases but have not received infectious disease funding in the past, as well as researchers with established infectious diseases programs. Individuals at pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies interested in learning more about research activities in infectious diseases also are encouraged to attend.

A large concentration of faculty and institutions encompassing established or emerging programs of infectious diseases research have emerged along the northern Front Range region of Colorado and Wyoming in recent years. Over the past year, there has been a strong increase in collaboration among a number of these research programs in response to several large infectious diseases funding announcements. The goal of the Infectious Diseases Research Colloquium is to build upon these investigator-initiated collaborations in a forum that:

– provides an overview of the myriad of infectious disease research activities ongoing along the northern Front Range,

– stimulates discussion among investigators, and

– fosters new collaborations and the partnering of research disciplines or integration of new technologies.

The Infectious Diseases Research Colloquium is the second in the Research Colloquium Series sponsored by the university’s Office of the Vice President for Research and Information Technology and the Colorado State University Research Foundation, or CSURF. Last fall, the university hosted the Materials Science Research Colloquium.

For more information about Colorado State’s Infectious Diseases Research Colloquium, including an agenda and list of presenters, visit