Dean of College of Applied Human Sciences at Colorado State University Receives Distinguished Faculty Award

Nancy Hartley, dean of the College of Applied Human Sciences at Colorado State University, will be honored for her significant contributions to the university at the Distinguished Alumni Awards dinner May 7. The event is sponsored by Colorado State’s Alumni Association.

Hartley, who will receive the Distinguished Faculty Award, has served as dean for the College of Applied Human Sciences for more than 10 years and has been a leader in K-12 and higher education for the past three decades.

"Nancy’s achievements have brought significant credit, not only to Colorado State, but also to our fellow citizens who have benefited from her commitment to excellence, exemplary volunteer service and steady leadership," said Jane Norton, lieutenant governor of the state of Colorado. "Dr. Hartley’s far-reaching legacy will be one of extreme dedication, competence, grace and integrity."

Through Hartley’s leadership and initiatives that she has introduced, the School of Education at Colorado State has ranked in the top 10 in the country by U.S. News and World Report for its vocational education programs in the past several years.

In 1995, along with the Poudre School District Superintendent Don Unger, Hartley founded the Research and Development Center for the Advancement of Student Learning, a unique research center to test and evaluate new ideas for school practice. The center provides a formal link between the school district and higher education by researching and evaluating innovative programs and best practices to advance educational theory and practice. Because of Hartley’s vision, research conducted by the Research and Development Center has led to several changes in the way teachers are trained as well as the evaluation of best practices to promote student learning.

"Nancy is a visionary, always looking far down the road, making sure that education is responsive to the rapidly changing demands of society," Unger said. "On a daily basis, she has worked hard to ensure that the future of education is in good hands. Her exceptional leadership qualities have enhanced Colorado State, the Poudre School District and the Fort Collins community."

Hartley has worked hard to promote the advancement of women in higher education administration. Along with numerous other volunteer community and professional service positions on which she serves, Hartley is currently on the board of the Colorado Women’s Foundation.

"Nancy is an extraordinary leader whose influence comes not from the exercise of power, but the exercise of wisdom, compassion and keen insight," said Marla Williams, president and chief executive officer of the Colorado Women’s Foundation.

In addition to serving on the board of the Colorado Women’s Foundation, Hartley has loaned her service and expertise to numerous community programs including the Poudre Valley Health System board of directors, the Colorado Partnership for Education Renewal and the Fort Collins Area United Way board of directors.

"Dr. Hartley’s dedication and commitment as a community leader are without question," said Rulon Stacy, president and chief executive officer of Poudre Valley Health System. "She approaches every issue, every decision, every need considering, first and foremost, the best outcome for the greatest good."

In 2001, Hartley was honored to be a finalist for the Unique Women of Colorado award sponsored by the Women’s Foundation of Colorado and received the Oliver P. Pennock Distinguished Service Award in 2003, the highest university recognition of outstanding service.

Hartley recently announced that she will retire in August 2004 to spend time with her family.