Colorado State University Utility Conservation Efforts Projected to Save $100,000 in 2004 and $200,000 in 2005

Utility conservation projects, as part of Colorado State University’s Green is Gold campaign, are on track to save about $100,000 in fiscal year 2004 over original utility projections.

Projects completed this fiscal year that have contributed to the savings include concentrated efforts to incorporate pipe insulation, window caulking, doorway sealing, steam trap repairs, replacement of heating and air conditioning components, optimization of building operational systems and lighting retrofits.

Green is Gold is a campuswide energy-saving program that focuses on mandated and voluntary measures to reduce energy and water use. Due to rising utility rates, several energy conservation projects are being implemented at Colorado State.

For fiscal year 2005, energy conservation projects are expected to save the university roughly $200,000. One project beginning this summer is replacing existing exit lights in all campus buildings with energy saving LED exit lights. The LED lights use between two and five watts of energy per sign as compared the 20 to 40 watts needed for traditional exit signs. This project is expected to save $12,000 per year in reduced electric costs.

Another project is the installation of a back-pressure steam turbine electric generator at the university’s District Heating Plant. Steam is currently produced in the boilers at 120 pounds per square inch and distributed across campus at 60 pounds per square inch. The energy required to reduce the steam pressure to the distribution pressure can be used in a steam back-pressure turbine to produce electricity. The result will be an estimated $100,000 savings.

The remaining savings will come from a variety of projects, operational practices and utility purchasing strategies.

For more information, call Carol Dollard at (970) 491-0151. Questions or concerns about existing building operations may be addressed to Facilities Management at (970) 491-0099.