Leadership Program at Colorado State University Seeks Applicants

The Colorado Agriculture and Rural Leadership program, or CARL, is accepting nominations and applications for its second class of participants that will begin in the fall of 2004. The program enhances leadership skills of Colorado citizens who are in or working toward positions of influence and leadership within their communities. The program is managed by Colorado State University’s College of Agricultural Science and Cooperative Extension.

"CARL is an interactive travel and study program dedicated to producing graduates with vision and commitment to lead change and ensure the sustainability of Colorado’s agricultural economies and rural communities," said Jim Heird, associate dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences.

The program will strengthen leaders in Colorado agriculture by developing seminars related to personal development, leading change, developing synergy, communications and technology, social issues and cultural diversity, domestic and international teamwork, coalition building and urbanization, and land use.

Colorado State University will partner with other state agencies as well as several agricultural and rural organizations to develop curriculum, provide speakers and sponsor and identify participants.

The CARL curriculum consists of daily activities, homework assignments, reflection and interaction during seminars, and a travel and study experience to reinforce concepts learned. It emphasizes the role of decision-makers beyond the typical classroom environment. Each student will complete a project in their home community or organization in which they are active, leading towards the goal of sustained application of leadership skills after graduation.

Nomination and application request forms are available at www.agsci.colostate.edu/outreach/carl. Applications must be postmarked by June 25. All requests for application materials must be made one week prior to this date. Regional interviews will take place in July and early August. The new class will be introduced at the College of Agricultural Sciences Ag Day Celebration on Sept. 25 at Hughes Stadium.

The program is limited to 20 individuals for each two-year class. To date, more than 170 people have graduated from the program since it began in 1983. Many now are active leaders in industry, their communities and around the state and nation.

Prospective participants interested in sponsorship or for general information, questions or suggestions, contact the Colorado Agriculture and Rural Leadership Program at carl@agsci.colostate.edu.