Colorado State University Police Begin New Traffic Education and Enforcement Program August 30

To better serve and ensure the safety of Colorado State University students, faculty and staff – and to promote the safety of all visitors to campus – Colorado State University’s Police Department is initiating the Traffic Education and Enforcement Program, or TEEP, beginning Aug. 30. The program is designed to educate the community about and enforce all municipal and state traffic laws on and around the Colorado State campus through a friendlier and less punitive alternative to enforcing traffic laws.

Through the new program, CSU-PD officers who witness minor traffic infractions will have the discretion to issue TEEP traffic tickets, which enforce traffic laws with a fine-based system but without the traditional assessment of points against a driver’s license. Appropriate municipal or county traffic summons will continue to be issued.  

Effective traffic enforcement on the Colorado State campus, which has a high volume of vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic, can significantly reduce accidents, prevent injuries and decrease property loss. Because traffic violations are the primary cause of serious injury accidents, traffic enforcement enhances the level of protection for both the university and general communities.

TEEP is designed for the enforcement of minor traffic infractions only; therefore, Colorado DUI laws and other more serious traffic misdemeanors are unenforceable with a TEEP summons. Colorado State police officers will consider all relevant factors while enforcing Colorado traffic laws on and around campus when deciding the appropriate type of summons to be issued.

In addition to increasing safety on campus, CSU-PD hopes to better educate the public about traffic laws and build stronger community relations with the campus community and visitors through the TEEP program. For more information about the TEEP program, please contact detective Eric Lintz of the Colorado State University Police Department at 491-2013.