Colorado State Announces Disciplinary Process; Zero Tolerance for Student Participation in Fort Collins Riots

Colorado State University officials today announced that students involved in riots near campus over the weekend will face dismissal.

This university disciplinary action will occur regardless of any action taken by Fort Collins police or the Larimer County District Attorney, said Linda Kuk, vice president for student affairs.

"This sort of behavior will not be tolerated at Colorado State on or off our campus, and any student involved will face severe consequences, including dismissal from the university," said Colorado State President Larry Edward Penley. "The faculty, staff, administration and the vast majority of our 25,000 students together deplore this irresponsible behavior. Simply put, there is no room in our community for anyone who acts this way, and they are not welcome here."

University officials are working with Fort Collins city officials and police to determine additional methods to prevent such incidents in the future by sharing information, increasing police presence and patrol activities and by increased communication to students about the severe consequences related to such behavior.

University officials this week also are discussing with city officials the disciplinary actions the institution will take against students involved in the riots, as well as new initiatives and possible ordinance changes in cooperation with the city in light of inappropriate party behavior.

"We will continue to fully cooperate with the city and the police to determine student involvement and to implement strict enforcement of our student code of conduct," Penley said. "Also, we will work closely with Fort Collins city government to take the steps we need to prevent this from happening again."

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