Colorado State Students Living in Residence Halls and Campus Apartments Can Choose Wind Power

This fall, for the first time in the school’s history, Colorado State University students living on campus have the option of purchasing wind power. Each student who purchases wind power helps avoid the burning of approximately 200 pounds of coal and 100 therms of natural gas, which prevents the emissions of 1,500 pounds of carbon dioxide during the school year.

The option was announced in late spring as an option for students living in residence halls, and to date, more than 140 individuals have taken advantage of this option. The choice is now being made available to students living in university apartments as well.

Typically, students living in residence halls use about 1,600 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity each year. For $17 per year, students can purchase wind power instead of the coal-generated power that is predominant in this region. Students living in university apartments use an average of 4,900 kWh per year. The cost to purchase wind power for an apartment is $26 per semester or $52 per year.

This project is a joint effort of ASCSU, Housing and Dining Services, Facilities Management and the city of Fort Collins Utilities, as well as the university’s Residence Hall Association and Apartment Life.

Students interested in purchasing wind power for their residence hall room or university apartment can visit the wind power booth at Centertainment on the Lory Student Center Plaza on Wednesday, Sept.1, or contact Carol Dollard at Facilities Management at 491-0151 or The deadline to sign up for wind power is Sept. 30.