Colorado State University Police to Begin Carrying Tasers

Colorado State University Police will begin issuing Taser energy weapons to officers within the next week.

For several months, the CSU Police Department has investigated the safety and effectiveness of Tasers along with several other departments, and all officers who will be assigned the devices completed detailed training a few weeks ago. Additional groups of students, staff and administrators have been involved with the evaluation of the Taser and have given positive feedback on its implementation.

The history of the Taser reflects greatly reduced numbers of suspects and officers injured in confrontations that require force when compared with other control methods. The energy delivered by the Taser actually disrupts voluntary muscle control of combative or resistant suspects and gives officers time to gain control, apply handcuffs and take other necessary means without resorting to impact weapons or chemicals that can cause injury.

In confrontations now, CSU-PD officers have limited choices of defensive or control weapons, including mace and ASP batons (an impact device). These weapons will continue to be carried by officers, with the Taser providing one more level of control for combative and resistant suspects.

The Taser, with its bright, yellow color, is easily distinguished from a police officer’s duty firearm. As with all "use of force" incidents, each incident is reviewed by training and command staff to make improvements in safety and suspect control and to ensure compliance with law and professional standards.

For more information, contact CSU-PD Cpl. David Hurley at 491-2481.