Csu-Cu Administrations Urge Respectful, Responsible Approach to Sept. 4 Rocky Mountain Showdown at Folsom Field

Contact:    Ron Stump, (303) 492-8476

        Linda Kuk, (970) 491-1545

        Brad Bohlander, (970) 491-1545

        Jeannine Malmsbury, (303) 492-3115

    CU-Boulder’s Ron Stump and Colorado State University’s Linda Kuk, vice chancellor for student affairs and vice president for student affairs respectively, are speaking from the same page in the days before Saturday’s Rocky Mountain Showdown in urging both Buffs and Rams fans to keep game-day celebrations safe and responsible.

    The campuses have issued letters, e-mail messages, ads and news releases in the past two weeks promoting safe celebrating, covering fan behavior and reminding students of the serious consequences of underage drinking and out-of-control parties, including swift and possibly severe disciplinary actions.

    "We want people to enjoy the game and be able to celebrate with their friends, but we don’t want to see students making bad choices and possibly losing their chance to study here the rest of the year," said Stump.

    "Responsible, safe celebrating is fun and appropriate but irresponsible behavior can be dangerous and could lead to suspension or expulsion," he said.  "We want students to opt for the former, not the latter."

    "We want fans of both universities to be able to enjoy this great athletic event in a festive but safe environment," said Kuk. "We expect students to maintain behavior standards that exhibit integrity and respect for others. Dangerous and unlawful student behavior will not be tolerated on or off our campus, in Fort Collins or in Boulder, and any students involved will face severe consequences."

    CU-Boulder’s revised alcohol policy means that there’s more at stake more quickly for students if they’re charged with a violation of drinking laws and policies, campus officials point out.

    Stump describes how the revised policy increases the stakes of the "Three Strikes" alcohol policy.

    "If a student is already on probation and again found to be in simple violation of alcohol laws or policies, he or she will be subject to suspension from the university for at least one full semester," he said.

    Students who violate alcohol laws or policies for the third time during the entire period of their enrollment — whether they’re on probation or not — can be suspended, according to Stump. The altered policy doesn’t limit the university from additional disciplinary actions deemed appropriate for any specific case.

    Colorado State has taken a zero-tolerance approach with students who have participated in rioting or related inappropriate student behavior. Students have been informed that if they are involved in this type of behavior they will not only face action from local authorities, but also will face separate and independent action from the university – including suspension and dismissal.

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