Colorado State President Names Task Force Membership, Suspends Beer Sales at Hughes Stadium

Colorado State University President Larry Penley today announced the membership of the alcohol and substance abuse task force and also suspended beer sales at Hughes Stadium.

     "In naming this task force and in moving to suspend beer sales at the stadium, we are establishing the right environment for the task force to succeed and for the recommendations to have a lasting and positive impact on our community," Penley said. "While there are no simple solutions to this issue here or anywhere in the country, we are sincere in our desire to address the issue of substance abuse head on."

     The task force, led by Lt. Gov. Jane Norton, is charged with closely examining a wide range of issues including binge drinking and underage drinking among students, as well as the fraternity and sorority systems, and the overall culture of the institution as it relates to alcohol and substance abuse issues. The membership announced today includes state and community leaders, students, faculty, staff and substance and alcohol abuse experts.

     In a process initiated nearly a year ago, the athletic department moved to change its license to serve repeal beer, rather than 3.2 percent beer. Today’s announcement suspends all beer sales at the stadium, pending the task force report, which is due Feb. 1, effectively stopping beer sales at the stadium this season.

Task force members include:

–     Lt. Gov. Jane Norton, chair of the committee.

–     Linda Kuk, vice president for student affairs (will serve as operational co-chair).

–     Cheryl Olson, a local community leader with substance abuse expertise.

Members named today:

–     Darin Atteberry, interim city manager of Fort Collins.

–     Dorothy Bland, president/publisher Fort Collins Coloradoan.

–     Peggy Christiansen, director of the University Religious Directors Association.

–     Katie Clausen, president Associated Students of Colorado State University.

–     Tim Davies, Colorado State professor, School of Education.

–     Jerry Deffenbacher, Colorado State professor, Psychology.

–     Michael Feeley, Colorado Commission of Higher Education commissioner.

–     Dennis Harrison, Fort Collins chief of police.

–     Anne Hudgens, Colorado State executive director of campus life.

–     Pat Hutchison, president of Colorado State InterFraternity Council.

–     Jarrod Kay, president Colorado State Residence Hall Association.

–     Guadalupe Lemos-Sigward, Poudre School District mental health specialist.

–     C.W. Miller, chairman Colorado State Faculty Council.

–     Arlene Nededog, director of retention programs, Colorado State College of Natural Sciences.

–     Jackie Nguyen, psychologist, Colorado State University Counseling Center.

–     Dave Nichols, president and general manager, High Country Beverage.

–     Ann Quinn-Zobeck, director of impaired driving prevention issues, Bacchus & Gamma, a national organization committed to peer education to deal with substance abuse issues.

–     Jim Weber, assistant director, Colorado State Alcohol and Drug Education unit.

–     Dexter Yarbrough, Colorado State chief of police