Colorado State University Cooperative Extension Announces New Director of 4-H Program

Note to Editors: A print-quality photograph of Jeff Goodwin is available electronically upon request.

Colorado State University Cooperative Extension has named Jeff Goodwin the new director of 4-H youth and development programs. Goodwin has many years of experience with the 4-H program from the local to the state level.

After graduating college, Goodwin worked as a 4-H county agent in his home state of Texas for 14 years. He continued his career with the 4-H program at the University of Idaho as a 4-H specialist for eight more years.

"Jeff is a significant asset to the 4-H program at Colorado State and to the 4-H program as a whole," said Jan Carroll, Cooperative Extension specialist. "We feel fortunate to have an experienced 4-H specialist like Jeff accept an administrative position to make our program bigger and better."

4-H, an educational program for the nation’s youth, is America’s largest out-of-school education program for boys and girls. The program teaches youth life skills such as communication, leadership, global awareness, leadership and decision making through projects such as cooking, wildlife, archery, science, nutrition, livestock and many more.

The curriculum for the 4-H programs is provided by each state’s land-grant university, which in Colorado is Colorado State University. Colorado has 59 counties with the 4-H program.

Goodwin, also active in teaching livestock ethics and working with leadership development activities, received his bachelor’s in animal science and his master’s in plant science at West Texas State. He earned his doctorate in agriculture education from Texas A&M.

For more information on the Cooperative Extension 4-H program or to contact Goodwin, call (970) 491-1152 or send an e-mail to